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Is It Stun Gun Voltage That Makes A Stun Gun Effective?

Over 20 years ago stun guns had 25,000 volts and were just as effective as the multi-million volt stun guns available today.

So, why do stun guns come in such high voltage? Its because the buying public isn’t very bright. People think that its the voltage that makes a stun gun effective. The truth is its not the voltage…its the amperage. But since the public is ignorant about this, the stun gun manufacturers use voltage to market their stun guns.

Since they are in competition with each other, the stun gun makers keep raising the voltage so the customer thinks the higher voltage stun gun is more effective. I won’t even go into the feasibility of the batteries used in stun guns even generating this kind of voltage.

The truth is that voltage does nothing but carry the amperage. 25,000 volts is plenty to penetrate 1/2 inch of clothing. The amperage needed to be effective is between 2.5 and 4 milliamps. Very small amount. It has to be because 1 amp will kill a person. Amperage close to 5 milliamps will end up burning out the stun gun capacitor, making a stun gun with amperage at or over 5 milliamps unreliable.

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